Angie  Carron                E-RYT & Owner of OmTurtle
In my early 30's I began noticing strange symptoms I had never experienced before- generalized anxiety, panic attacks, heart palpitations, insomnia, back pain, heavy periods...etc. Instead of medication I turned to yoga and meditation-- a practice that has been around for thousands of years. It took time and patience but I am living proof yoga and meditation WORKS. As the owner of OmTurtleYoga, I can share what I've learned with others. My life story has led me to this moment. Now I'm blessed to walk with you on your journey. Come tell me your story. 
Pat                           RYT Certified
In the fall of 1994, after a serious fall, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. In an effort to deal with the pain, I was lead to try yoga. I immediately fell in love. In 2006, I was given the opportunity to become a certified yoga instructor, and in 2008, I began to teach. While the list of auto immune diseases has continued to grow over the years, I attribute my ongoing wellness to the grace of God and to my yoga practice. I take great pleasure in sharing the benefits of a committed yoga practice, and encourage EVERYONE that I meet to try it. 
Martha                 RYT Certified
I am eager to help individuals connect with their own body and breath as a pathway to peace and good health. I love my community and want to expose more people to the benefits of yoga. 

My focus is to teach stress management techniques that will build strength and flexibility in both the mind and body. My practice is gentle so its perfect for any level, age and ability. 
Bill                           RYT Certified
I began taking Yoga simply to improve my flexibility. What I soon discovered was that yoga relieved muscle soreness, improved breathing, corrected posture, increased physical strength and enhanced overall endurance. All improvements necessary for a diving enthusiast.

Yoga in combination with Kettlebell makes me feel mentally and physically fit so I became an instructor to help others find a stronger connection to their mind and body.

After years of competitive dance and classical ballet training, I began practicing yoga in 2009. My body loved the familiar movement and flow of yoga, and I needed the peace that yoga brought into my life. Yoga quickly became more than a practice for me; it became a lifestyle of living more intentionally and mindfully.

My goal is to help you let yoga into your life, while making yoga accessible to every body type and age. 

Rachel                    RYT Certified
After nearly fourteen years of practice, I decided to become a certified yoga teacher in 2016. The training infused my approach to yoga with a foundation in philosophy and an intense study of anatomy. I also learned that while yoga might be universal, it’s definitely not one size fit all. And I, like all my fellow yogis, am a constant work in progress. This insight is at the core of my yoga teaching.

 My classes encourage you to study yoga at your own pace in an environment that is welcoming and accepting. A combination of breathwork and postures helps you safely explore and challenge your edge. 
Dawn                       RYT Certified
After years of injuring myself in traditional sports and trying to make my body conform to today’s conventional beauty standards, I cancelled my gym membership and found a yoga studio. I realized, after all these years, I was missing one major component-- the mind and body connection. Intrigue turned in to passion and passion progressed to teaching. 

It's my goal to create an environment that is welcoming and will ease people into a better connection to their minds and bodies through movements and stories that resonate with their everyday lives. 
Erin                        RYT Certified
Meet Our Elite Team of Instructors
After many years working in high-stress, low-fulfillment jobs, Ginny found herself in a position to make a drastic and positive change in her life and profession. Earning a massage therapy license opened new doors for her both personally and professionally. After several years at a small, independent spa and one of the large massage therapy chains, the chance to become a part of the OmTurtle family crossed her path and she was overjoyed.

A desire to extend her massage career by improving her strength, balance and stamina was what first led her to OmTurtle as a yogi. The warmth, care and spirit here has improved many aspects of her life and she feels extremely fortunate to have the chance to share what she has learned through massage and touch therapy. 
Ginny          Massage Therapist
Lindsay     Esthetician & Nails
Lindsay attended The Aesthetics Institute of St. Louis where she completed 1250 hours of training to complete her CIDESCO certification and receive state licenses as an Esthetician and a Nail Technician. She has 8 years of combined experience in the medical spa setting, salon/spa, and organic spa. 

Lindsay specializes in restorative facials that do not sacrifice the total spa experience, as well as body waxing and maintaining healthy natural nails. If you haven't had a facial yet you simply must. The BEST in STL. 

Come see what handmade organic products and essential oils can do for you!

As a North County girl, born and raised, I am excited to serve my community. Swedish and Deep Tissue massage are my specialties however, my touch is intuitive which allows me to adjust modalities as I find the needs within your body. 

I have a whole-body approach with long, slow continuous strokes. I'll focus on spots in which you carry your pain and inflammation with special attention to neck, shoulders, feet, mid and lower back.

I really love what I do and promise you the very best in care and expertise. 

Cheyenne  Massage Therapist
Meet Our Highly Skilled Team of Therapists & Technicians
I have enjoyed a lifelong commitment to personal fitness which has evolved into a passion for wellness. As a pastor and spiritual leader I marvel at the bottomless well of possibility and promise available through the practice of mindfulness and yoga. 

I treasure sharing a soul feeding, spirit soothing, body honoring practice of meditation and restoration with others. I honor the beauty and variety of the human body and encourage yogis of all ages and fitness levels to experience the deep and transforming benefits of this mind-body-spirit connection.
Susan                       RYT Certified
September 2014 was a pivotal point in my wellness journey. I attended my first yoga class and was hooked. The music, movement, and supportive environment was different than any workout modality I had experienced before. My body and mind felt challenged but not defeated and for the first time, possibly ever, I felt connected to myself. As I practiced more I fell in love with what my body could do. Along the way, I lost over 80 pounds. The weight came off when I stopped making it a priority. I put my mental health and happiness first and everything else seemed to fall in place. 
Malissa   RYT & BUTI Certified
Karen Banks, M.Ed., LPC, is a licensed mental health professional and yoga instructor who loves helping others. She works with individual clients, families, children, and groups on a variety of concerns and specializes in stress management. 

Her dualities in mental health and yoga has allowed her to enhance her practice to encompass a more holistic approach. As someone who struggled with anxiety and depression most of her young adult life she's passionate about opening the path for others to heal. 
Karen              LPC, RYT Certified
Known as the "Dancing Pastor, I hold a Master's in Dance, a Master's in Divinity, and I'm trained at the 200hr level through Reflections Yoga, based in New York. I'm also certified through Kidding Around Yoga (yoga for kids) and can teach a variety of styles such as Vinyasa, Hatha and Restorative. Each of my classes has an anatomical and (secular) spiritual theme, focusing on connecting movement with breath.

My approach in teaching is to keep students breathing and laughing, and encouraging them to find wholeness and love for their selves - body, mind, and spirit.

Kelsey    MFA Dance, MDiv, RYT
Kris has been a registered nurse for 36 years. For the last 13 years Kris has served as a Parish Nurse, with the goal of educating people and providing opportunities to improve their quality of life physically, mentally and spiritually. As a part of this calling she has initiated wellness programs focusing on exercise and healthy eating habits.

After learning of the benefits of Tai Chi, Kris was eager to learn the art and become an instructor. Since that time she has been instructing Sun style Tai Chi and improving her own Tai Chi through practice and teaching others. Kris has been certified for leading Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention since 2009.

Kris            RN, Certified Tai Chi for Arthritis & Fall Prevention
Tanya has a multi-faceted teaching background and passion for keeping her clients motivated and healthy. 

  • ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
  • ACE certified group x Instructor
  • Kettlebells certified Instructor
  • LiveStrong certified cancer rehab Instructor
  • Food & Nurtition graduate
  • Functional training certified Instructor
  • High Intensity Interval Training

She teaches High Intensity Interval Training 6:30 PM and Kettlebell 7:45 PM in the Florissant studio Tuesday nights. 
Tanya     ACSM & ACE Certified
Karen Banks, M.Ed., LPC, is a licensed mental health professional and yoga instructor who loves helping others. She works with individual clients, families, children, and groups on a variety of concerns and specializes in stress management. 

Her dualities in mental health and yoga has allowed her to enhance her practice to encompass a more holistic approach. As someone who struggled with anxiety and depression most of her young adult life she's passionate about opening the path for others to heal. 

I teach yoga classes throughout the week and have counseling hours available on Saturdays. 
Karen                                LPC, RYT
Meet Our Licensed Professional Counselor 

Angie, the owner of OmTurtle, suffered from anxiety for many years in silence before getting the help she needed. Once finding the courage to seek help she found herself driving all over St. Louis piecing together a variety of needs. Once healed she quit her corporate job and decided to bring a collaborative healing center into North County, where she lives, so that more people can have affordable access to better health and wellness. 

OmTurtle recognizes the need for better mental health. We strive to remove the stigma that it is shameful to have mental health needs. We are a safe and healing environment using the backdrop of a quiet and calm facility immersed in multidimensional techniques. You are not alone. Let us be on this journey with you. 

Karen is a passionate, licensed, mental health professional with a background in yoga and meditation. We work with individual clients, families, children, and groups on a variety of concerns. Our session space is uniquely hosted in our warmly lit yoga studio with candles and soft music to create the ultimate therapeutic experience. 

Our multidimensional backgrounds allow for greater customization during therapeutic sessions. We can incorporate aspects of cognitive behavior therapy, person centered and solution focused therapy with principles and practices of yoga and meditation as needed. Schedule a 50 min counseling session with Karen in the Florissant Location 750 N HWY 67. Once you book a session your counselor will reach out with preparatory paperwork so that each session is customized and focused.

All sessions are private and confidential.  
Changing the Face of Mental Health
Surekha                      RYT Certified
I have always been in awe of yogasana. As a young girl I practiced the basic 12 poses with my sister and was always happier at the end of the practice. Once in college, the practice was forgotten but not the experience. A couple decades later, I was craving the experience of peace and stillness. I was fortunate enough to meet some outstanding yoga teachers that revived my interest and faith in Yoga.

Yoga never ceases to amaze me. The incredible feeling when a subtle shift in your pose suddenly awakens your body and mind is blissful. The practice of yoga has helped me to mange my emotions, actions and reactions better. I teach in hope to help people become aware of their body and mind and manage their life better. I believe Yoga has the power to transform you.
Ronya        LPC &  RYT Certified
I am a licensed therapist and yoga instructor who lives to help others. I began my yoga journey as a means to heal myself from anxiety and depression that had developed from various life circumstances. In 2016, I experienced a traumatic loss that exacerbated my symptoms. I wanted a treatment different than medicine – an approach that could treat the root of my condition, and not just the symptoms.

My pain led me to become a yoga instructor and therapist with the goal of helping others. Through Yoga, I serve to teach others to live in the present, to love themselves, and to love life again despite past and present hardship. My hope is that together, we can unlock our inner truths, talents and strengths to achieve contentment and happiness in all that life brings. I, like all my fellow yogis, am a constant work in progress – to continue my own healing and help others begin theirs.